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Walking in Forgiveness

There are many things that hinder us from achieving our full potential in life. Some things that hinder us are revealed and we know exactly what they are, and others things remain a mystery. At times we embrace the truth concerning the “demons” in our lives and at other times we choose to ignore God’s revelations as He reveals truth to us. Then there are times that we suppress the truth because of the pain. The fact still remains that we face certain detours on our Christian journey because we allow other things unnecessary access in our lives. It’s not the blatant, obvious sin in our lives that keep us hindered; it is the little foxes that spoil the vine! (see Song of Solomon 2:15 JKV)

Through the years I have made excuses for not living my full potential in Christ. I conveniently blamed my pastor, church leaders, friends, family, spouse, children anyone else I could, for not doing God’s Will. However, in order to free myself I had to come face to face with the sin that was so prevalent in my life. Trust me it is not easy to come face to face with the sin that you have suppressed for so long. When God placed my new book, “Motivated by God’s Love to Forgive”, on my heart to write it was very hard. The reason it was so hard is because I was in bondage to the sin of unforgiveness, for a very long time. Until I allowed God to heal me I was being hindered in every facet of my life. I was hindered because I was not free to forgive. When He revealed truth to me, and I was finally in a position to accept the truth, I cried out unto the Lord with an earnest plea to create in me a clean heart. I acknowledged the sin in my life and I asked God to heal me as only He can.

This book was written several years ago but I kept procrastinating getting it published. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the truth was that I still had unforgiveness in my life that had not been dealt with! God’s Word teaches us that we must forgive. Today is the day for you to embrace the freedom of forgiveness. It is my prayer that as you read this book, the love of God will motivate you to acknowledge your sin, let go of the past that has held you bound for so long. My sincere desire for you is that you will be motivated by God’s love to move on even when the pain is so real and precise. May God’s love assure and comfort you as you truly forgive, denouncing the revengeful and evil thoughts that constantly plague your mind. God’s love will motivate you to enjoy the freedom that forgiveness brings. You must refuse to be bound again, enslaved to torment and fear. Allow God’s love to motivate you to accept His healing as only He can heal. Healing comes in many ways accept the healing God has for you! Don’t allow a closed mind to hinder you from receiving all that God’s wants for you to have. It is my prayer that God will use this book as a tool to reach you at your place of need, may you be free to walk in the restoration of new life that true forgiveness yields.



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