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About Patricia w. Brower

After she went through some life altering dilemmas she learned the importance of forgiving others and letting go of the past. So she penned those experiences and life lessons learned in her fourth book about forgiving others and letting go of the past “Motivated by God’s love to forgive.” In the book she shares candidly about her many personal challenges with forgiving others for the pain they caused in her life. After the pain she was free to live a life that was no longer tarnished with the guilt and shame of holding grudges that plagued her life for so long. After this dark period she endured a major obstacle that brought out some deep rooted, hidden pain that she expressed through her fiction novel. “Soiled Diamond” which is a fiction novel that chronicles the life of a young girl that overcame some insurmountable odds but survives! Although the characters are fictional, the content is real as millions of young men and woman are victims of abuse. In this book you will go on a journey with a young lady that learned how to survive the cruel world of abuse and pain.

She is married to Gregory H. Brower, and they reside in Raleigh North Carolina. She raised two newphews as sons, Daris and Spencer. She is the second youngest of eleven siblings, all of whom have supported her endeavors. She celebrates the memory of her parents Etheridge and Dorothy Sutton Wiggins for the values they instilled in her, it is her earnest desire that their legacies live on through her! She is grateful for their love and guidance that shaped her to be the woman she is today.


Patricia is an avid volunteer throughout her community and enjoys working with youth at her local church. She dedicates her books, inspirational writings, and greeting cards to all the people who are living with Multiple Sclerosis. Having been diagnosed with MS in 2004, she understands the daily challenges that we face. Although the challenges are real, she believes in the healing power of God! She also embraces this truth; that healing comes in many ways! Her plea to others that are battling Multiple Sclerosis, and other chronic diseases, "The disease may adversely affect your body, but don't allow it to affect your soul, or the true essence of who you are! God created you for a purpose and He will give you grace to endure every obstacle that you face."

Patricia W. Brower is motivated by the THE DESIRE TO INSPIRE! Inspiring others has always brought joy to the North Carolina native and something she’s always felt destined to do.


She started her writing career at an early age with personalized poetry written to loved ones at family gatherings, writing and performing plays at her local church, and making special poetry that she framed as gifts. She has always loved to write whether it was short stories of suspense, thrills, action, or drama, but a happy ending was required! She has been writing for
over twenty-five years and realized her gift for writing at an early age, but pursued a career in


Patricia is a 1992 graduate of Winston-Salem State University where she received a BS degree in Accounting. She was a licensed Insurance Agent before working in Corporate Taxes with the State Of North Carolina for 16 years. Although she worked a fulltime job the “desire to inspire” was always in the forefront of her mind. She recognizes her gift of writing was given from God and acknowledges Him in all her ways.

Patricia published her first book of inspirational poetry, Edifying Expressions, in 2003. In 2006 she released her second book “Daily Mercies Revealed Part I.” Then the second part of her devotional “Daily Mercies Revealed Part II” was released in 2008.

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