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Tired of the Struggle?

God is our refuge and our strength a very present help in trouble Psalm 46:1. We do not have to struggle with anything in our lives we can surrender totally to God.

This poem is a personal reflection of my years of holding on to unhealthily situations, relationships, and strongholds in my life.

I made the wrong assumption that I could not surrender them totally to God! Through my healing, I learned that once I was tired of going through the struggle, I discovered that God was waiting all the time for me to commit my will to Him completely. You too can make the choice to stop struggling and surrender! 

I’m Tired of the Struggle

The stronghold in my life prevents me from accessing you;

The flesh craves satisfaction, and the desire haunts me too.

Why can’t I escape the one thing that holds me down?

It keeps my life off balance, it surfaces when no one’s around.

Like an eagle that doesn’t realize his potential to soar high,

I too neglect the power I have; I give into the lie,

I know God is mighty. He will deliver if I allow Him too.

I feel trapped inside a box. I don’t know what to do.

I am tired of the struggle; I am tired of the pain;

When I yield to temptation, what have I really gained?

Paul spoke of a distraction, a thorn in his flesh;

It’s amazing how certain things keep you from success.

I want true deliverance, not a temporary fix;

I’m tired of the struggle; I am tired of Satan’s tricks.

It’s hard to see beyond where I am;

I’m tired of the disappointments of letting myself down.

I want to be happy, experience peace, the long and lasting kind,

So why do I allow this stronghold to continually attack my mind?

The outer-court experience is not fulfilling my need,

Especially when the inner court is where I long to be.

God, please help me overcome because only You can;

No one else can deliver me, so I will not trust in man.

-Patricia Brower


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