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soiled diamond
Her Journey Continues

My struggles are real. My story began with a unique awareness of my own existence in this world. Specifically, when I was reflecting after one of many horrific encounters with my adoptive father, Ralph Repost. Or should I say “Mr. Man” as I was commanded to address him (of course, only in private). I am heartbroken but strengthened when revisiting my journal entries. I am thankful because I’m still here. Unfortunately, most entries record years of pain, anguish, confusion, and the hopelessness of abuse as I found myself on a dark, lonely path. Today, I am happy to share I am in a better place. I don’t know the conclusion to my story, but I am determined to reach my destiny.



The uncertainty of life disturbs my peace as I continue to process the pain. On my quest to be free, I will enjoy a little happiness. My vision for the future will be clearer. And I will find complete healing, which has eluded me for years. This next phase of my life reveals tenacity—because I will never give up, regardless of the challenges that I still endure. I will forever press forward. Please continue with me on this journey I cautiously refer to as my life.

COMING SOON.... May 02, 2024!

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